The ask

SEO brief: Create an SEO article that generates traffic to Target audience: CEOs, founders, assistants researching the market for Python developers. Focus on providing information about and comparing Python software developer salaries worldwide, highlighting Ukraine as a country with Python developers that provide a good cost-to-quality ratio, casually mentioning Beetroot as an outstaffing partner offering dedicated teams of remote developers... 50 SEO terms, keyword density..
The article should provide comprehensive information on the topic so that users can find all the necessary information in the article, and will not have to conduct further research.
The full original brief is here.

Thought process

I set out not only to achieve SEO goals and generate traffic for, but also to provide a definitive discussion of Python developers salaries, by analyzing the most authoritative sources available, to make the article's credibility stand out from the general context of marketing fluff.

What I did

I used several sources - Glassdoor, Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey, Indeed, Payscale, Glassdoor, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Jetbrains 2020 Python Developers Survey - so that I could 1) provide information on the salaries of all types of developers, and 2) provide more robust, corroborated evidence (as opposed to just picking one source, pretending it is representative, and calling it a day).

Finally, I took a new approach to the marketing. Rather than awkwardly including a "casual" (and dubious) reference to, I laid bare that is in this market, which most readers would have already surmised. This paved the way for a brief but direct statement of Beetroot's competitive cost:quality advantage. By also providing an evidenced analysis of Python Developers Salaries, I could position Beetroot as a trustworthy source of reliable information, and, by extension, software solutions.