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How we work at Bitraptors. Oct 2022. Editor.

Creating these user experiences is in our DNA at Bitraptors, and always at the front of our minds. Whether you are a user, a client, or one of us, we want our apps to create smiles. We’re always searching for new ways to make our apps fun and satisfying to build, manage, and, most importantly, use.

What is a people-centered culture and how can it help businesses in uncertainty? Virtual Electronics. News. 22 Mar 2021. Editor.

Eight years ago we set out to create a culture and environment where we, personally, would want to work. Now, with 100+ dedicated teams already built and 500 amazing Beets on board in Ukraine and Sweden, we are more confident than ever in our decision to approach everything with a people-centered culture in mind.

Python developer salaries around the world. Feb 2022. Author. Original research, analysis, SEO.

You’re an owner, founder, CEO, assistant researching the market for Python developers and Python development companies. But you’re not sure. Where should you start looking? Is it better to in-house or outsource? Do you use freelancers or find a good development agency? And, of course, how much will it all cost?

“The more we trust people the better it works”: 5 challenges of self-management and how to overcome them. LDaily #16. Dec 2020. Editor.

More and more companies are trying to implement self-management. But not everyone succeeds. What does it take to make it work? Andreas Flodström and Gustav Henman, founders of the Swedish-Ukrainian software development company Beetroot and Beetroot Academy IT education, share their experience creating an organization of 500 people based entirely on trust and self-management.

A guide to distributed team communication. 26 Dec 2020. My rewrite of two articles. SEO.

Distributed teams come in all shapes and sizes, bringing with them great heterogeneity, flexibility, cultural diversity, and capacity for innovation. Each one is different, and, consequently, there’s no universal template for building top-tier remote team communication. There are, however, ways to avoid making the most common mistakes.

Beetroot Clutch Portfolio. Dec 2020. Editor.

In just one year of collaboration with Beetroot, e-learning platform PromoteR has grown from an exclusively internal solution to a full-fledged product. A Beetroot team of Angular, Django, PostgreSQL, and Python developers extended the client’s tech capacity, helping them achieve an updated, sellable platform with advanced features, including guided social learning, customizable design, and impact measurement.

Why do companies outsource? A close look at the data. 30 Nov 2020. Editor.

Outsourcing has become nothing less than the new normal, an increasingly mandatory commodity for businesses of every size in every industry. The digital world has turned the talent pool into an ocean, providing access to world-class professionals from all reaches of the globe...

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Address Obfuscation. Ekata Internal Engineering Newsletter Article. Nov 2021. Editor.

Fraudsters are able to bypass the velocity checks because obfuscated addresses are not always normalized to the same address, and Ekata customers rely on the address digest of the normalized address to measure velocity. We explored solutions that calculate an alternate velocity-like signal which is resilient to any form of obfuscation.

Ekata’s Machine Learning Identity Check Confidence Score.  Crunch Data Conference 2019. Presentation Abstract. Editor.

In this talk, I discuss how we met these challenges by building a Spark- and XGBoost-based training and experimentation pipeline that delivers our models as a custom predictor library, to allow seamless integration with the production environment. Our embeddable library enables super-fast predictions real-time.


24px.Rocks. Oct 2021. Author.

A non-fungible token is the ultimate signifier, at once a decentralized currency, direct sale from artist to patron, proof of relationship, certificate of authenticity, property right in blockchain, status signal, piece of code, image, speculative edge in a volatile buy-sell market, and, last but not least, saleable news-byte.

PunkRcks. Oct 2021. Author.

Not pets. Punks. 10 of them. Hand-drawn.
Why? Because Punk Rocks!
From the creators of 24pxRocks
Not affiliated with Ether Rock NFT or Larva Labs

Civility in America, or How Abe Lincoln almost cocked pistols in a duel. Oct 2021. Author.

Still, speech between early American citizens could easily become impolite, manipulative, insulting and lead to violence. Often it did. For the first hundred years after the American Revolution, dueling was still considered a legitimate way of answering perceived incivility, libel or slander... even Abraham Lincoln, early in his political career, got as far as the dueling ground before third parties intervened to interrupt the combat.

Seeing like a Siphonophore: vertical migration above and below. Feb 2021. Author.

A mammoth, nocturnal, vertical marathon is underway. And it will happen again tomorrow night, and the next, just as it has since prehistory, dwarfing all other earthly migrations in longevity and scale.


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